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Review and Acceptance of Electronic PAF

Review and acceptance of the electronic version of the Proposal Award Form or PAF is not intended to approve a completed proposal before submission.  Acceptance is a commitment of the resources from you or your unit (personnel time, office/laboratory space, equipment, requested cost sharing, etc.) requested in the proposal.  To review a PAF, first go to the ARGIS site

Login with your myNMSU username and password. 




Look at the information available about the draft proposal. The "Details" tab includes basic information about the proposed project and its required resources.  A high-level budget estimate will be found on the "Budget" tab.  Any draft documents related to the project can be found on the "Documents" tab. 

Clicking the "Accept" button allows you to enter optional comments before routing the proposal to the next reviewer.  Clicking the "Demote" button requires you to enter comments before returning the record to the prior reviewer. 

Finding PAFs to be Reviewed

Clicking the link in an email requesting review will take you to the ARGIS login screen, then to the record requiring review.  Sample email:

In the alternative, after logging in to ARGIS you can select items for review starting from the "Under Review" item in the left side menu.






There are three options on the "Under Review" menu. 


Selecting "Requires Attention" shows those proposals awaiting your review and acceptance. 

Selecting "Inbound" shows those proposals including you in the review sequence that have not yet come to you for review; selecting "Outbound" shows those proposals still in the routing process that you have previously reviewed.


Viewing the PAF Form

To view the PAF, select it from the report dropdown (icon below); this is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen when a record is open.  The PAF contains a summary of the electronic routing. 

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