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Proposal Creation and Submission: Investigator Tab

After creating a new proposal and completing the Details and Budget tabs, select the Investigator tab. 

On this page you will enter the principal investigator (PI), any co-principal investigators (CO-PIs), and any other project personnel.  Clicking the magnifying glass next to a field will pop-up a window to allow selection of the various personnel, and will automatically fill in the College/Department.  Note that there can only be one PI, but there can be many Co-PIs and many Project Personnel.  For the PI and each Co-PI, a percentage of credit split must be entered.  The total of all of the splits will be automatically added and must equal 100%.

While PI information can be entered directly in the boxes, to enter a Co-PI or other project personnel you must enter the information then click the Green + () to add them to the project. 

Note that after clicking the Green + () to add a Co-PI, the Co-PI’s information is listed below the entry box.  You can delete an entry by pressing the Red – () or edit an entry by clicking the Blue e ().  This works the same way for the Project Personnel.

At this point all of the required information has been entered.  Submit the proposal by clicking on the Submit button  in the upper left.  You should then receive an indication that the proposal was successfully submitted:

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