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Proposal Creation and Submission: Details Tab

After creating a new proposal, your screen should look something like this:

In the box to the upper right, select the proposal submittal method.  Note that different options and radio buttons will appear/disappear depending on whether the submission type is an electronic or paper submission.

In the following example, Electronic Submission was selected as the submission type, and the radio button for Specific Deadline was selected.  Since there is now a specific deadline, there is a new required field for the deadline date.

Fill in the following REQUIRED information that is indicated by the red [R]:

  • Application Type (Select New for a new proposal)
  • Select the appropriate Type of Research from the dropdown
  • Select the appropriate Field of Science (NSF HERD Survey categorization) from the dropdown
  • Project Start Date
  • Project End Date
  • Project Title

Enter a project Description in the box.  This can be as simple as a cut and paste of the Project Title or can contain an abstract describing the research.  The field is limited to 3800 characters total.  Click on the character count hyperlink to see the current character total.

Select "Who is sponsoring this research?" by checking either "an Agency" or "a College/Dept."

External awards will have an Agency as the sponsor, while Internal awards will have a College or Department.

Select the down arrow to the right of Select Agency to select the agency from a drop-down list.   You can type the first letter of the name to scroll to that particular position of the alphabet.  After selection, the phone number and other agency information should be populated automatically.

If the Agency is not listed in the dropdown list, you can add it by clicking on the Green PLUS + to the right of the Agency selection dropdown.  Be sure that the agency is not listed before adding a new entry.  The name may not be entered in the way that you might expect.  As an example, the Department of Agriculture could be entered as:  Department Of Agriculture, or US Department of Agriculture, or USDA.  After clicking the green +, the following window will popup and you can enter in the appropriate information.  Once data entry is complete, click on the Disk Icon with the Blue X in the upper left to save the new agency information and close the popup window.

Enter the Proposal Announcement/Number for the proposal.  If you don’t have an Announcement Number, enter N/A or None.

The next section is mainly concerned with F&A, Cost Share and Compliance issues requiring additional information and/or justification.  Note that all fields in this section are required.  Since all fields are required, it is easiest to click the “Mark all as ‘No’” hyperlink, and then change any items which should be marked as Yes.

You will notice that selecting Yes for many items will pop up additional fields that need to be filled out or may require the upload of approval documentation.

Be sure to enter the current F&A Rate in the box provided. (Current rates are on the OGC website.) 

In the following example, Voluntary Cost Share was selected.  After entering the rate, and type of cost, another field requiring approval documentation appeared.  To upload the approval document, click the Browse button which will launch a file browser window.  Select the desired file from the file browser and click on open to upload it to ARGIS.  The path to the file will then appears in the box to the left of the Browse button.

Select the primary location of the research.

Now is a good time to save your current work as a draft.  Click the Draft button at the top left corner of the form to save your progress.

When saving a draft, an institution number will be assigned.  You may want to make a note of this number for future reference.

That completes the required information for the Details tab...next is the Budget tab.  Click to advance to the next tab to the right; you can also go directly there by clicking on the Budget tab. 

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